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Bazins syndrom

Bazin syndrome

Acrokeratosis neoplastic is a rare skin condition associated with cancer of the upper airways and gastrointestinal tract. The condition also goes under the name Bazin syndrome. 


Acrokeratosis neoplastic  referred to as so-called paraneoplastic. The rash is a result of an internal cancer. Skin changes may resemble  psoriasis , characterized by scaling and thickened skin on the hands and toes. The development is usually gradual and can be associated with painful neglrotsbetennelse. Symptoms such as weight loss and fatigue may arouse suspicion about a underlying cancer that cause.


How are acrokeratosis neoplastic?

On suspicion of this skin condition must be examined with the necessary blood tests and x-rays. If one finds a underlying cancer is focused on its treatment. Skin changes can be improved by softening moisturizers and a mild cortisone cream.