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Treatments of scars are a common cause of consultation with our dermatologists. Selection of treatment depends on the type, location and duration. Alternative treatments are:  

Laser treatment
The most effective treatment for rugged and uneven skin on the face and on the back is with fractional CO2 laser . The laser creates thousands of small holes in the skin that, by tiling, smooth out scars in the skin. The treatment improves scars but does not completely remove them. The skin will be red in a few weeks, and full effect will be seen after 4-6 months. The treatment is a laser surgery and if you are a candidate, you will be assessed on a regular consultation. People with dark skin type are not treated.
Kenacort is the first choice for treatment outstanding scars are injection with kenacort. The medicine smooths thickened scars gradually with the aim of getting them flat. Kenacort is inserted directly into the scars of our dermatologists, and effects are seen after 2-3 months. Depending on the thickness, most people will need 3-8 treatments.
Seek in the skin after acne (ice-pick scar) can be considered removed surgically. Our dermatologists remove the area with a punch. A small stitch is removed after 5-7 days. The aim of the treatment is to smooth the skin surface.
TCA Cross
Several studies show that repeated treatment with TCA acid directly in submerged scars provides gradual smoother skin surface. Most people will need 4-6 treatments. One must assume small crusts in the scar for approx. 10 days. One can expect 40-60% improvement in repeated treatment.
Flat red scars can be bleached using a BBL laser. Repeated treatment is necessary and provides gradual bleeding. 


Hypertrophic scars
Hypertrophic scars are seen as protruding and thickened scars in the skin. Cause can be an injury or surgery. First choice is injection of kenacort. When the scar gets flatter, it is possible to consider bleeding with BBL in combination. 

Atrophic and uneven scars Arrange 
for acne often produces rugged skin with subsided bouts. This type is suitable for CO2 fractional laser. 

Keloid scars 
Keloid refers to a type of scar that gradually grows in size over time. The tendency of keloid scars is especially common in those with dark skin and ears and chest. The first choice in treatment is repeated injection with kenacort in high concentration. 

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