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Idiopatisk skrotal kalsinose

Idiopathic Scrotal calcinosisis a rare and harmless condition That Affects scrotum. It was first Described by Shapiro in 1970. 

What is idiopathic Scrotal calcinosis

The disease is characterized by bullets on the scrotum. They seldom pain or discomfort. Number skin changes and bullets ranges from a single two Hundreds. The ball is Usually hard and whitish in color. There are reports That the balls can occure on the labia in women and penis, but this is very rare.

Who gets the state

is a fairly rare skin condition. Most Patients are in the age between 20 and 40 years. The youngest patient Reported is 9 years old and the oldest 85 years.

What Causes

The cause is still unknown, but there are several theories. Some think the bullets due two inflammation in subject standing sebaceous cysts. Others argue the changes coming from the sweat glands. A recent theory Is that balls Originated from the smooth muscle in the area.

How confirmed diagnosis

When Uncertainty can take a skin sample, or remove one of the bullets. Skin sample willthen show the deposition of calcium in the skin. Sometimes one can see a cyst under the skin, but far from always. An x-ray will Also show calcium deposits.

How are idiopathic Scrotal calcinosis

condition is harmless, and it is in principle no need for active treatment. Many want dog bullets removed. Such treatment is done surgically, and removingnoise the AFFECTED skin. The balls are bathroom was very nice in the dermis, so one does not go deep into the skin two get the removed.