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Iktyose vulgaris

What is Ichthyosis vulgaris

Ichthyosis vulgaris often go under names like "fish skin of." It is an inherited condition in wooden dead skin cells build up and makes skin dry and scaly. Excludes Ichthyosis vulgaris on to be presented at birth, but often the debuteterer first years of life. Most have only light bothers with dry skin, while others have more wide spread rash and are predisposed two  atopic eczema.

What are the Symptoms of Ichthyosis vulgaris (fish skin of)

Most people with this condition are bothered by dry and scaly skin. The shells can be white or brown, and forms often called polygonal shape. Those hardest hit are developing small skin lesions That feb be painful. Fiskehude city Ichthyosis vulgaris Usually Affects the elbows and legs. Symptoms are more pronounced in winter and gets better in the summer.

Are there other types of Ichthyosis

Yes. Ichthyosis vulgaris is gene rally a very mild skin disease. There are other types of Ichthyosis provides high more severe symptoms.

  • Lamellar Ichthyosis: The severe type is also called congenital iktyosiform erythroderma. The condition is presented at birth, larger parts of the body covered by thick scales.
  • X-linked Ichthyosis: This condition Affects only painted. It is characterized by brown scales on the skin of the neck, back, arms and knees.
  • Epidermolytisk hyperkeratosis: This is a rare form of Ichthyosis That is presented at birth. The condition Causes ulcerations of the skin, and vortliknende growths.

Treatment of Ichthyosis vulgaris (fish skin of)

One must often to a dermatologist for proper diagnosis of the skin of fish. When the condition is chronic, it is Important two regularly and daily treatment of the skin. A dermatologist will advise on the use of special moisturizers with different active ingredients two provideh skin plenty of moisture and increase item the skin's likeability two Retain moisture.