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ILVEN is an abbreviation for "inflammatory linear verrucous epidermal nevus". The condition was first Described by Unna in 1896. It was however only in 1971 When Altman and Mehregan Described the condition as a separate entity.

What Causes ILVEN

cause is still unknown. It is considered a variant of an epidermal nevus. The condition can be hereditary, but ice Usually Sporadic. Under the microscope resembled skin lesions inpsoriasis, And similar signaling molecules are Contributing. 

Who gets ILVEN

disease is rare, and Reviews those AFFECTED Usually get rashes in infancy or childhood. It march occasionally occure in adults. There is a higher frequency in women (4: 1). 

How do wiped out

Inflammatory linear verrucous  epidermal nevus  is seen as a linear streak of the skin with redness, inflammation and rough surface. The areas That are Usually AFFECTED are the buttocks and thighs. Skin lesions are Usually unilateral.  

Can obliterated ask Associated withother conditions

Usually you only skin rashes. It Described weird associations abnormalities of muscles and skeleton, fingers, eyes and heart.

How the diagnosis

diagnosis ILVEN made ??by examination of the skin that a dermatologist . A skin test can sometimes support the diagnosis. One must distinguishe ILVEN fromother skin disorders are wooden seen as streaks in the skin and Affects children. This includes linear  psoriasis, CHILD syndrome and lichen striatus.

How areILVEN

The most common treatment is with  cortisone creams. There are reports Also That creams containing vitamin D (Silkis) could benefit. There are Also reports about the efficacy of the use of creams  Elidel , Wooden Usually used against  eczema. Usually goes wiped over Spontaneously and Disappears located, a few years.