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What is azathioprine

Azathioprine (Imurel®) used in several skin diseases caused by overactivity of the skin's immune system. Examples are chronic skin conditions suchlike as lupus erythematosus, blistering diseases (bullous pemphigoid, pemphigus) oreczema. Azathioprine apr be used alone or combined with corticosteroid (Prednisolone).

Performance and characteristics

Azathioprine reducenoise inflammation by inhibiting white blood cells That are active in the body's defense system. The white blood cells are responsible for the chronic inflammation as a look at several skin diseases. The effect is slow and occure from 2-6 weeks after starting treatment. 


The dosage should be individualized and guided by dermatologist.  

How does one drug 

The drug is taken as tablets. The tablets should be taken during a meal. 

Control and monitoring 

Blood tests and urine sample taken by a dermatologist regularly. 

Side effects 

The side effects Usually goes Back When one ends with the drug. The main side effects are Decreased white blood cells, platelets and the Influence of liver function. Nausea, allergic reactions and rare side effects suchlike as fever, Headaches can Also occure. 


Preparation discouraged used in pregnant and breastfeeding women. In severe disease, the drug is used hum pregnancy under strict control. Consult your doctor if you suspect side effects of the drug, worsening of the disease or signs of serious Infections. 

General rules on use of medication

For many medications, the dosage is individually tailored. Take there would never larger doses of medication than your doctor has Prescribed. Loans not medicines or other. Always take all medications you use When you go to a doctor, Also medications for other diseases than the one you go to a doctor. Medicines can Enhance or inhibit each other's effect. Azathioprine should not be taken with medicines That inhibit uric acid production, wooden Allopur® and Zyloric®. irreproducible side effects suchlike as fever, signs of bleeding in the skin (bruises ) or nosebleed, you should consult your physician. If you are planning two Become pregnant, are pregnant or breastfeeding will, ask your doctor Whether you can continue two use your medication.