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Isotretinoin  (Formerly  Roaccutane) Is the top step of the treatment curve for acne / pimples. Isotretinoin (Accutane) is Evaluated by a dermatologist for the most pronounced  acne  duck  pimples, Or where one is not going to finish with another treatment. 

What is Accutane

Isotretinoin (Roaccutan®) is a drug used to treat severe or prolonged acne (pimples). The drug Has been in use for over 20 years and was originally used by scarring acne. Use ice Gradually BEEN expanded to include acne That Requires long-term treatment with antibiotic suchlike.

Impact and characteristics

Isotretinoin belongs to the class of medicines retinoids wooden are related to vitamin A. The drug Affects all factors That are IMPORTANT in the development of acne. The effect is reduced sebum production, less clogging of the pores (discharge times from the sebaceous glands), reduction of inflammation and bacterial overgrowth. Isotretinoin is the
only drug against acne That has impact loading.


Isotretinoin is dosed by bodyweight. The usual dose is 0.5-1 mg / kg / day. The dose and duration of treatment will be Determined individually. Usual duration of treatment is 16 weeks 2:24. Total dose should be 120-140 mg / kg. Lower total dose Increase the risk of relapse.

How does one drug

Isotretinoin found in capsules of 10 or 20 mg. The drug is taken once Usually a day, but can ford elses in 2 doses. The capsules are taken with food and swallowed whole with water or another drink. If it does not fit the meal, take your capsule with milk When The drug Absorbed better with fatty foods.

Monitoring and follow-up

treatment with isotretinoin require monitoring by a dermatologist. The drug can increase item the fat values ??in the blood and Affect the liver. Blood samples are taken there occur before startup and every 4 weeks hum treatment.

Side effects

Most side effects tends to be light and disappear When treatment is discontinued.
  • Almost everyone gets dry lips and wither in the face, nose and hands.
  • Nosebleed and eye irritation march occure.
  • Some brands soreness and stiffness in muscles and some get slight headache.
  • The drug Increases solømfintlighet and there would Easier sunburns.
  • The drug can Affect night vision. Be aware of this When driving after dark.
  • It is CLAIMED That isotretinoin apr cause depression. Major studies have not confirmed this Assumption, but one should still be aware of the Possibility of depressed mood hum treatment.


Isotretinoin is teratogenic!
  • Female Patients must not Become pregnant hum treatment.
  • It Requires effective contraception hum treatment and one month after stopping treatment.
  • Female Patients should commence treatment at the onset of menstruation, alternatively must gravitest made.
  • Isotretinoin must not be used by women Who are breastfeeding.
  • It has no effect on the fetus if the man overusing isotretinoin.
Contact lenses apr cause some irritation hum treatment. Diabetes can ask AFFECTED hum treatment. 
Tanning: Avoid Excessive sun exposure Because you are lighter sunburn and skin dryness Increase. 
Vitamins: Do not take vitamin A supplements hum treatment. 
Other drugs: Antibiotics category tetracycline should not be taken Simultaneously with isotretinoin. 
indicater always that doctor visit your doctorsthat 'you are taking isotretinoin. Alcohol should be used with caution hum treatment. 
Consult your doctor if ... you suspect serious side effects. 
- acne flare sharply hum treatment and leaves wounds thatwill not heal.
- you are pregnant or suspect pregnancy. 

Good advice

Use lip balm several times a day to dry lips.

A softening lotion can help relieve dry skin.
For dry eyes and eye irritation march artificial tears help.
Use sunscreen ( 25) by sun exposure. 

General rules on use of medication

for many medications, the dosage is individually tailored. Take there would never larger doses
of medicine than your doctor Prescribed. Loans not medicines or other. Always take all your medicines When you go to a doctor. Medicines can Enhance or inhibit each other's effect.