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Juvenile spring eruption

Juvenile spring eruption is a type solreaksjon wooden Particularly Affects children. Typical of the state is a rash on your ears for the spring and sun exposure. 

Who is AFFECTED cityJuvenile spring eruption      

conditioning Affects Particularly children and adolescents. There is a higher frequency Among boys and men.

What are the Symptoms 

Juvenile spring eruption debuts often spring with Reviews those AFFECTED. Typically, redness and itchy eczema on your ears. Sometimes it can form small blisters in the skin . The rash occure 5-24 hours after sun exposure, and often goes away within at a few weeks time.

What is the reason?      

One Consider the state to be a special kind of  sun rash.

If you need any treatment

By rashes and  itching Can be treated with a cortisone cream and moisturizer. The ears should be protected with regular use of sunscreen prevention. If one grows long hair covering the ears, it will Also have a preventive effect.