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Cortisone injection treatment

Injection treatment with cortisone is a Widely used treatment by Dermatologists to treat scars. Cortisone has a beneficial effect on elevated scars (hypertrophic scars duck  keloid scars), And makethem flatter. The procedure Is that a dermatologist injects the drug into the middle of the scar. Most used are Kenacort. Cortisone is a completely natural substance produced in the body.

How is the procedure

The treatment is quick and Not particularly painful. One will first sterilize the area to be treated. Sometimes freeze treating one care fully before starting treatment. The aim of freezing ice two increase item tissue susceptibility to the drug. Then inject cortisone with a thin needle in the middle of the scar.

Are there any side effects

There are few side effects. After treatment, you can have look tenderness In area. Infections are very rare. Greatest Risk When treating scars Is that the skin can Become thin, or That One can get a sunken scars. There is Also a small risk of the formation of visible blood vessels in the skin.